IMH Pressure Relief Valves

  Pressure Relief Valves for Metal
  Pressure Relief Valves for Plastics

IMH Pressure Relief Valves are available for installation into both metal and plastics. The valves have the same internal configuration but differ in their method of installation.

IMH Insert Pressure Relief Valves for installation into metal are available in forward and reverse flow directions in two sizes: 5.5mm and 8.0mm.

IMH Pressure Relief Valves for installation into plastics feature simple, press-in installation. These valves are available in three diameters: 2.5mm, 5.5mm and 8.0mm, with corresponding flow capabilities. Some models are available with a ceramic ball as standard.

IMH Pressure Relief Valves are designed to protect systems from over pressurization or to attenuate pressure spikes. They are not suited for upstream pressure regulation.


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