IMH Precision Orifices

  Precision Orifices for Metal
  Precision Orifices for Plastics

IMH Precision Orifices are economical, reliable, highly accurate miniature flow restrictors. They are available for installation in both metal and plastic, and are 100% flow tested to ensure that every orifice is within ± 5% of its nominal flow rate. Tighter tolerances are available as specials. Tight flow tolerances are only possible if entrance and exit conditions of the orifice are closely controlled. This provides far more accuracy than an orifice specified by hole tolerance. An ordinary hole held to a very tight hole tolerance will not result in a tight flow tolerance.

IMH Precision Orifices are available in forward and reverse flow directions and in gas and liquid versions. Integral safety screens are incorporated where the orifice diameter is 0.5mm (.020") or below.



Lee Precision Orifice Features and Benefits

  • 100% flow tested for accurate, consistent system performance
  • Self retained for easy installation
  • Liquid and gas versions for design flexibility
  • Miniature size saves space and reduces weight
  • More accurate than orifices specified by hole tolerance


Precision Orifices for Metal
Precision Orifices for Plastic
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