Check Valves for Installation into Metal

IMH Insert Check Valves are threadless, cartridge-style valves designed for simple, low cost installation into manifolds. Since insert check valves can only be installed in one direction, most come in forward and reverse flow versions to provide design flexibility.

The valves are available in two styles: axial flow and side exit flow. 558, 855, and 400 Bar models are axial flowing and the 832 models are side exit flowing. The valves are compatible with hydraulic fluids, brake fluids, fuels and oils. Integral safety screen protection is available.

Lee Check Valve Features and Benefits

Metal to metal seating
  • Provides high reliability.
  • Long life
Leak tight
  • Efficient system performance
Guided ball design
  • Fast response
  • Low hysteresis
Positive ball stop
  • Infinite spring life
  • Stable performance
Screened versions
  • Blocks rogue contamination
Ceramic ball versions
  • Compatible with aggressive fluids
Axial and side exit versions
  • Design flexibility



Inlet and outlet ports are on the same axis, so that flow follows a straight line.
5.5mm Diameter Models
558 Reverse Check Valves
558 Forward Check Valves
558 Screened Reverse Check Valves
558 Screened Forward Check Valves
558 Ceramic Ball Reverse Check Valves
558 Ceramic Ball Forward Check Valves
400 BAR Reverse Check Valves
400 BAR Forward Check Valves

8mm Diameter Models
855 Reverse Check Valves
855 Forward Check Valves
855 Screened Reverse Check Valves
855 Screened Forward Check Valves


Inlet and outlet ports are not on the same axis, so that flow follows a 90° angle.
8mm Diameter Models
832 Reverse Check Valves
832 Forward Check Valves



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